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Unexplained Weight Gain

Typical reasons for unexplained weight gain comes in just about all shapes and sizes so to speak, so if you’re all of a sudden packing on the pounds, one thing to do is check out some of your present, everyday routines that may be triggering this situation. Most of the trouble with those who are overweight, and who want to discover ways to burn off some of the extra fat, is that they invest almost all their energy concentrating on what to do to shed the pounds, and ignoring to check out what things they’re currently doing that could be causing the unexplained weight gain.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRqRTu5fwsZGdfONwytk1DA great starting point with any dieting endeavor is to determine what practices you have that could be leading to the unexplained weight gain, and then try to fine-tune those routines so that they do not continue to hurt you. Let us take a glance at a few day-to-day causes for weight gain that lots of folks are falling victim to.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQGd0WOrxo6rDVNp_F8SWg1. Bad Diet - I understand this might certainly go without saying, but some individuals believe that to be able to slim down, they ought to merely consume less food. This really is among the worst dieting misconceptions around due to the fact that eating a smaller amount can, in fact, result in an individual to gain pounds. Contrary to everyday opinion, those who wish to drop some weight ought to attempt to consume additional smaller sized, balanced dishes each day. It will help to improve the body’s metabolic rate, which in turn burns body fat. The helps to keep food cravings lower so there is no desire to continuously munch.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cause of unexplained weight gain?
    I mean one morning it appeared that I gained 5 pounds but when I checked in the latter of the day my weight was back to normal. Does anyone know the cause of this? Why is my body playing tricks on me?

    • ANSWER:
      More than likely your scale reading was inaccurate in the morning. It wouldn’t be unheard of to have a weight variation of 1/2 to possibly a full pound, but not 5 lbs. Why are you weighing yourself so frequently? It is easy to develop an obsession with checking, re-checking your weight. try and stick with a routine-if you must, weigh yourself once a day and at the same time, being sure to zero out your scale before getting on (check to be sure the scale is on zero).

    What are some natural remedies and herbs to enhance or regulate my thyroid? I have had unexplained weight gain
    over the last year i have sudden weight gain with a good diet and regular exercise, in fact its now up to 55 lbs.. first i gain weight 20 lbs in 1 month and freak out, and now over the past year with trying every diet my doctor can think of i gain more weight, and more and more and more!!!! they dont think itsm y thyroid but im skeptical, im going to get a 2nd opinion next week.. i am wondering though what are some natural herbs and remedies to regulate my thyroid and speed it up? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The thing about the standard thyroid test is it stinks. They use a test called TSH. TSH isn’t even a thyroid hormone and it changes throughout the day. It’s it at highest point while we sleep, so if we suspect hypothyrodism (underactive thyroid) then we need to test firest thing in the morning. Another problem with this test is that the guidelines changed in 2003, but most labs still have thelab ranges at the old numbers. What this means is if yur doctor is unaware og the change he/she may say your TSH is normal when it isn’t. Ask what your TSH was. If its over a 2.0, your thyroid is slowing down. If its over a 3.0 you need treatment. I know thus stuff because I had believed for years I was hypothyroid. The first test was taken in the afternoon and I did not get diagnosed. Within a year my symptoms got worse and the test finally showed I was hypothyroid by the old standards. New range is 0.3 to 3.0.

      Supplements you can take for the thyroid are Lytrosine, zinc, and selenium. Stay away from soy, peanuts, brocolii and fluoride.

      Website below about thyroid conditions. Read up on it before you see the doctor again.

      If you test again, make sure its first thing in the morning. Ask for more than a TSH. Have a free t4, free t3, and a thyroid antibody test

    What possible medical reasons can cause unexplained weight gain?
    I had Gastric Bypass 3.5 yrs ago. In the last 6 mo. I have been steadily gaining weight. I eat right. I don’t eat anything that I shouldn’t. I have even cut out things that I thought MIGHT cause problems, i.e potatoes and rice. I don’t eat any wheat based products (I have an allergy to wheat) I stick to meat veggies, fruit, and some dairy. If I allow myself a treat, it is a sugarfree popsicle, or fudgesicle. I am very fustrated. I have gained about 40lbs and it is scaring the heck out of me. I would have to say the only bad thing that I do, is probably not get enough exercise. But even at that I am probably only eating between 1200-1500 tops in calories, but I have put on 4lbs in 2days. I am going to go insane if I can’t find the answers. A friend suggested that maybe I am eating to much fruit. As far as the lack of exercise, I can understand maybe not losing, but the gain is what is so puzzling. This is why I am looking at maybe a medical reason. I did have my thyroid checked,its okay

    • ANSWER:
      Weight gain may occur even when an individual maintains the same amount of daily calories and activity levels. Here are just a few examples of the causes of unexplained weight gain, including natural weight gain. And of course, if your scales continue to zoom upwards you’ll want to visit with your doctor just to ensure that all is well.

      Dieting – When we strive to reduce our waistline, we in turn reduce our calorie intake – which in turn may reduce the speed of our metabolism. When the metabolism slows, weight gain may be a pronounced result.

      Solution for Weight Gain: Analyze current diet plan to ensure that it isn’t too restrictive in calories.

      Shaking Our Way to Weight Gain – Water retention is often the culprit when 2-5 pounds mysteriously appear on the scales overnight. Water weighs heavily and water that has been retained by the body as a reaction to too much sodium intake may take several days to subside – about a day for each pound, depending upon the individual.

      Solution for Weight Gain: For those who tend to be effected by water retention due to high sodium intake should pull back the reins on the salt shaker. Salt is a lot like sugar in that the more one uses, the more one craves.

      Old Man Winter – As the colder months approach, our bodies tend to prepare by adding a bit of padding. Keep in mind that man didn’t always live in the comfy environment that most of the world enjoys today. Those extra pounds often meant the difference between survival and death.

      Read on more at the link on Unexplained Weight Gain

    Unexplained weight gain, but no inches gained and body is tighter…?
    Is it possible for an active female to gain 10 pounds of muscle in 3 months? I recently lost 80 pounds through eating healthy and exercising. I was down to 115 in July. I do cardio everyday, strength train 3 times a week and eat fairly well. I have gained 10 pounds over the last few months but no inches. My body is actually tighter than it was back in July. I never thought it would be possible to gain 10 pounds of muscle in 3 months? The cardio I do is 30 minutes of step aerobics on ten inch step 6 times a week and I power walk for 40 minutes 4 times a week. Anyone suggestion?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it is perfectly normal, and congrats on getting into shape!! When I worked at a gym and worked out every day, i was a size 2, had awesome abs, and I was at about 16% body fat. I weighed 145. Now, I havent worked out heavy like that for about a year, I’m around a size 4, lost most of my ab definition, and I dont think I want to know what my BF% is at. But I weigh around 130. Muscle really makes a difference. I would fluxuate between 120 and 140 in high school depending on whether or not I was in sports at that time, But I was always around the same size.
      Just make sure you arent obsessing about the pounds, and be glad you made the healthy lifesyle choice!

    Unexplained Weight Gain and Exhaustion?
    I have had unexplained weight gain and major exhaustion to the point that if i am up and actually DOING SOMETHING i get very dizzy as in a spinning feeling even if i lay down the spinning does not go away for 2 hours and i throw up about 2 times. I do not eat very much about 3 solid meals a day and low fat snacks in between. I have a bowl of cereal in the morning and eat yogurt and 2 turkey sandwiches and dinner at night. I drink green tea. I have gained 50 pounds. I have seen doctors it is not my thyroid anD IIt i I am on medications and we have pretty much cut out as much of them as we can that cause weight gain. I lost 10 pounds but then gain 20 pounds in one week and then lose 12 in the next week. It is incredibly unhealthy. I am even on some pills that are supposed to make me lose weight. I don’t know what to do or who to see. Can anyone help me? PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME TO WORK OUT IF YOU READ CLOSELY I SAID I AM EXHAUSTED AND GET VERY DIZZY THAT MEANS I AM UNABLE TO WORK

    • ANSWER:
      GO SEE THE DOCTOR AGAIN – actually, see a different one.

      Is it possible you are pregnant?
      Is it possible you have some other condition besides thyroid? This really sounds medical. People don’t just gain and lose weight as quickly as you do for no reason. Please see another doctor.

    8 weeks ago I had a breast lift and implant surgery. I am having unexplained weight gain – is this common?

    • ANSWER:
      I have known several individuals who have had breast augmentation surgery and they did gain a little weight after the surgery. Generally your not as active after surgery and pain medication can slow your digestive system down causing you to add some extra pounds. Once you recover all should go back to normal.

    Unexplained weight gain and …? help please?!?
    unexplained weight gain and constipation…

    over the last 4 days i’ve gained 3 lbs! from 98 – 101.4 and I know if anything I am eating a weight loss diet. I also havent been “regular” for a while and its been 4 days and before that it had been a while too. Does this have anything to do with the weight gain?? could it be water weight??

    AND I have been taking a natural vegetable laxative and still nothing. i’ll get these stomach cramps but no bowel movements?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like your body was in need of the extra 3 lbs considering your weight I would wonder if you are eating healthy and would question why you are eating a weight loss diet. How tall are you and your age? You do not sound fat to me. Try Metamucil to help you take a load off.

    unexplained weight gain and …? help please?!?
    unexplained weight gain and constipation…

    over the last 4 days i’ve gained 3 lbs! from 98 – 101.4 and I know if anything I am eating a weight loss diet. I also havent been “regular” for a while and its been 4 days and before that it had been a while too. Does this have anything to do with the weight gain?? could it be water weight??

    AND I have been taking a natural vegetable laxative and still nothing. i’ll get these stomach cramps but no bowel movements?

    • ANSWER:
      The same thing happens to me /: And it’s especially annoying because I’m trying to LOSE weight.

      You probably need more fiber in your diet. Start buying whole grain bread, and look on the back of the package. You want the fiber content to be at least 3-4 grams per serving, more if you can find it. And eat cereals like FiberPlus by Kellogs. They make this great one thats only 110 calories per serving, and has 9 grams of fiber in it. Also, wheat thins makes “fiber selects” crackers that are 5 grams of fiber for a handful of crackers, and they’re pretty good.

      I used to be irregular too but the fiber REALLY helps, and also helps with weight loss. Try it! Also, drink more water.

    Unexplained weight gain in 4 year old daughter?
    My four years and seven months old daughter weighs between 41-45 pounds, I have noticed recently that her some of her size 4T pants don’t fit as well, and sometimes I have to buy up a size because they may be too tight. This is usually for jeans, or “skinny jeans” because they tend to hug her legs and thighs too tightly, and I prefer loose fitting jeans. My child is VERY active, and plays recreational soccer, her father and I actually make her run laps outside for about 30 minutes outside. She always been in an “average” weight percentile, but according to the BMI she is considered “overweight”. If you see her, she does look like an average 4 year old child, and would not strike you as overweight. I notice mainly that she has grown a “pot belly” and it is only really noticeable at the end of the day when she is bloated. I also noticed the presence of “breast buds”, I have done some reading about that and it seems common for her age and tends to go away after some time. I don’t know if this is just a short phase she will grow out of , or if I should be concerned and take her to see the pediatrician. Her father and I are average sized adults, and we don’t eat junk food, and she also attends school, so I can’t understand where her sudden unexplained weight gain is coming from, and what should I do about it?
    **The reason why our child runs laps is for active play, we did it to help her run faster on the soccer field. It actually works, she is the fastest one on her team…and LOVES it…so no, it’s not an odd thing. Children need an hour of active play EVERY day.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s probably just a growth spurt. I know my kids always jump sizes — one day they are fine in their clothes, and then three days later, they’re too short or too tight, and it’s always more noticeable in their pants. I think that 40 lbs at four is pretty average, especially if she’s tall. If she’s eating healthy and is active then, most likely, she’s healthy. As for the pot belly, as far as I know that’s pretty normal. My four year old has a pot belly and he is petite and skinny (33 lbs). His two year old sister, who runs larger and is as tall as most three year olds and many four year olds but is by no means overweight at approximately 30 lbs, also has her baby pot belly. I’m not sure when they grow out of it. If your daughter keeps gaining fast and you’re still concerned, you can always bring it up with her doctor, but most likely she’s just going through a growth spurt.

    What causes unexplained weight gain?
    Age 29, female, 5’9″, 155lbs. I am very unhappy with the “gut” I now have. My eating habits have not changed over the past five years. I exercise once in a while (always have). Nothing has changed. I figured that when I gained 10 lbs in my former job that it was likely due to stress, but I quit in April this year and gained even more going from 143 – 155+. I was 155 the last time I got weighed but I have a feeling I may weigh even more now. I’m not pregnant because there have been absolutely NO signs or symptoms. What would cause me to blow out of all my clothes?

    • ANSWER:
      Stress, like you pointed out, is a big factor. Also depression causes people many people to gain weight. Not necessarily because you eat more, I don’t know why, it just happens. Check and see if you’re slightly depressed.
      Metabolism is slowing down as we grow older, no matter if we want it or not. 29 is about when it hit me too. Before 28, I could pig out all I want and not gain a pound, but now it’s all different. I kept gaining all last year till recently, now it stopped. I hope I can make it turm back. What I did is I bought myself bathroom sclales so that I can face the reality every morning. They are quite inexpensive. I also re-examined my statement that I my eating habits didn’t change. They did. I noticed that I got too easy on myself about snacking late. I didn’t have that habit before, back in the days when I actually looked skinny. That’s ought to stop.
      Another thing, but I’m sure you’d think of that – did you change your birth control method lately? One pill that I tried made me gain steadily.
      But yeah, I’m basically in the same place as you are – wondering what makes me gain weight and how can I change it.
      Oh, yeah, one answer pointed out that you might need a thorough blood test to check for diabetis or other physical disorders that might be contributing to that. I had that done, for other reasons, actually, but it turn out that I’m healthy.

    what is the cause and remedy for unexplained weight gain during/after the menapause?

    • ANSWER:
      Nature knows best. We start to get wrinkly at this age, so nature fills out the wrinkles with more fat. Makes us look better in our latter years. Skinny old people look awful, all wrinkly and saggy.

    unexplained weight gain i’m sooo confused please help me?
    is it physically possible to gain weight whilst eating an amount of calories under your BMR? cos i think it’s happening to me but mathematically it seems impossible unless there is some disorder where the body can manage it..my bmr is 1300 (the internet says it is i dunno how accurate that actually is) and i eat about 650 cals a day (no lectures please i know it’s bad and i have an ED)

    please someone explain i’m so confused..what can i do?
    deffo not preggers

    • ANSWER:
      650 cals a day will throw your body into starvation mode, it will horde any unused calories and store them as fat. You’ll gain weight then crash horribly and land yourself in hospital with all sorts of problems. If your BMR is 1300kcal, you need to eat at least 1300kcal every day just to keep your body working at a basic level (breathing, heart beating, brain working for instance). I know it sounds weird but eat more, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, small amounts of lean red meat, poultry and fish if you’re not vegetarian, nuts and soy if you are, keep your calorie intake at or above 1300kcal per day and you will see your weight stabilise, your energy levels sky rocket and your general health increase. Rather than knock calories out of your diet, to lose weight, you need to exercise off the calories you take in, otherwise you don’t get the nutrients you need because you’re just not taking in enough. And vitamin supplements will not make up for what you miss out on, they’re designed to supplement a healthy diet, not to make up for the lack of one.

    Unexplained Weight Gain?
    I have been a member of Weight Watchers for nearly 3 years but since November 2005 I haven’t been able to lose any weight. I follow the program and have changed from one to the other in hopes of being able to lose. I am on a about 1200 calorie per day plan. I know it’s not a plateau because I’ve been at that stage of weight loss before and this is nothing like that was. It’s almost as if my body is fighting me on losing weight. I exercise daily and if I do let my exercise level drop down below 5 days a week I really have a bad gain that week. If I do manage to lose a pound the next week I gain 3 pounds. I’m really thinking something might be medically wrong instead of it being about my diet. Diabetes and high cholesterol run in my family so I stick to a high fiber diet, but I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I have it. If anyone has any suggestions please help me.

    • ANSWER:
      1200 calories sounds a bit low, especially if you are exercising. Is that the amount recommended by weight watchers? That amount of calories is around your BMR, which is what your body needs just to be alive. That would put your body into starvation mode which would make losing weight very difficult.

      But, in any case, I’d recommend seeing a doctor. They can test for any problems and should also be able to let you know if you are eating too few calories.

    Unexplained weight gain?
    For a couple of months now my stomach has been getting bigger and bigger and I don’t know why. Have also gained around 5 pounds. I don’t eat a lot, and I go on walks every day that I get the chance. My job is also sort of physically demanding at times (I’m a CNA). So wtf?? Why the sudden weight gain?? How do I get rid of my belly?
    Yes, actually, I think I might be pregnant, I have a lot of the symptoms…however I am on the pill so it’s unlikely.

    And I don’t think the weight gain is from the pill because I’ve been on it for years and never had a problem before

    • ANSWER:
      It could be your pills. After i had my son i lost my baby wieght and was back in my prebaby clothes. I gained 20 pounds within 2 months of starting birth control and yet i was eating better and less. You could just be retaining water too. It’s only 5 pounds it’s not enough to worry about. If you think you may be pregnant go get a test. Otherwise maybe just add a 15 or 20 minutes workout a couple times a week and that should help shed the extra pounds. If you have been drinking more soda then usual that could also pack on a couple of pounds. Stop drinking soda for about a week and you’ll drop the 5 pounds quicker then you think.

    Unexplained weight gain…Why am I gaining all of a sudden?
    I’m not pregnant, I’m exercising now, and eating just the same. Im going to be 25 soon. Over a couple of days i can just gain 10 pounds so fast and lose them just as fast. A couple of days ago i was 126, now im 135. Whats going on???

    • ANSWER:
      I would talk to your Dr. and have your Thyroid checked. I know a few people who had this problem and they just give you a medication to balance it out and your weight will stop fluctuating.

    Try Again Unexplained Weight Gain?
    I gained 50 lbs in a short amount of time, with fluctuation involved,(i.e. 10lbs in one week, then down, then 20lbs. in 2 weeks),this happened in a year. I was on many different antidepressants/antipsychotic drugs. I have been tested for Thyroid problems as well as had cortisol levels checked. No diabetes. I do not overheat/ “unhealthy”. The small amount of medication i am on has no side effects that cause weight gain and in fact the one is called Topamax and it has a side effect of weight loss and what baffles the psych is that MOST of her patients lose weight while on this medication and i am on 300mg of this. We are both at a loss of what would happen if i was not on this medication of just how much weight i possibly might be and both agree that this pill is probably THE only reason i am not much heavier than i am now. I just stepped on the scale and i am 5lbs. heavier. Oh and i drink water and green tea all day. I don’t have any room left but this has nothing to do with exercise
    my wardrobe ranges now from a size 10-18!

    • ANSWER:
      maybe u have aids,cuz thats a sign of it but later ull have rapid weight loss.

    unexplained weight gain, missed periods for 3 months, not pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      Go see your doctor

    unexplained weight gain?
    hi, i am 17 years old and i am very concerned with what caused me to gain this much weight. i was chunky growing up (about 15 lbs more then the average kids my age) when i was about 8 i began taking adderall for my SEVERE adhd. we were unaware of the side effects and i ended up getting too skinny (guant look, bones sticking out, sick looking, ect.) my mom took me off of it because of she feared that the weight loss was too unnhealthy. i gradually gained the weight back. when i was about 10 i was about 40 lbs heavier and i stayed around 150-160 lbs (and very short) til the 8th grade when i decided to go back on my adderall for ADHD problems ONLY. i totally forgot about the weight loss and before i knew it i was down about 40 lbs. everyone was so amazed by my weight loss and it didnt even phase me at the time. i decided to go off of it one summer (due to the weird side effects Adderall was giving me.) I would gain about 5-10 lbs a year and i didnt really worry about it. Last year, I began birth control (I forget what kind) but it was the pill. I only took it for about 2-3 months because i kept forgetting to take them and i wasnt even that sexually active. i also took the plan b pill once a year and a half ago. I got a boyfriend who took me out to eat alot (so I wasnt eating healthy). And I was put on Paxil and Lamictal (idk how to spell it haha) for my bipolar, aniexty, and depression. ***What I need to know is if anyones had any weight gain issues with any of the medications I’ve taken (Paxil, getting off of Adderall, Lamictal, Plan B pill, birth control pills.) I’m just concerned because this is the heaviest i’ve ever been and I’ve gained over 60 lbs in a year and a half. I’m currently back on my Adderall for both weight loss side effects and adhd (i truly have it) I know your not suppose to take it for weight loss but I really did feel helpless at the time (my mom is constantly pressuring me to take it for weight loss, kids at school make fun of my weight gain, and I’ve developed severe depression, aniexty, and a binge eating disorder) I haven’t noticed any weight loss and it’s been about a month and I do plan to just start working out instead. ****Also if you’ve ever been on Adderall, did you have problems loosing weight the second time taking it? Anyway, I don’t plan on relying on this medication to solve my problems so I don’t need rude comments and lecturing about my choice. Thanks for any advice, experiences, and thoughts on why I gained so much. Thanks :)
    ** yes, i’ve had my thyroid checked

    • ANSWER:
      Have you had a blood test to check on your thyroid,if your thyroid is under active then you will gain a lot of unexplained weight……………

    unexplained weight gain could there be something wrong?
    I started to really put on weight so I brought it up to my OBGYN that said I just need to move more and not eat as much.

    So I stopped eating at 6pm every night, worked out for 30+minutes a day and ate very healthy more veggies than anything else and no fast food or sweets but I’ve put on 4lbs in the last week can you think of any reason why?

    My BP is also up 140/78 when it use to be 90/60.
    im also 24yrs old with not med problems and i’m 26weeks pregnant with my first child
    i know there is a chance this could be preeclampsia but could it be anything else?
    I’m not trying to lose weight I’m scared that there is a problem bc I’m gaining so much which isn’t normal!

    I called my doc couldn’t talk to him but the nurse just said she’ll check me out at my next apt in 3weeks should I try to get in there sooner?

    • ANSWER:
      see a doctor. there could be something wrong.

    Unexplained weight gain…. HELP!?
    In the last three months or so, I went from being 5’4″ and 140-145 lbs to weighing about 155-160 lbs (my weight varies every day). I have not changed my eating or my exercise habits (except I tried to exercise more to get rid of the weight, which has not worked). I am on the birth control shot, depo provera, which is supposed to make you gain weight. But I have been taking it for a year and have only recently gained the weight. I do not know why I am all of a sudden gaining weight (and Im not pregnant, Ive already checked) and cannot get the weight off. People are starting to notice and Im afraid that my fiancee is noticing and he isn’t happy about it, if you know what I mean… This is really upsetting me and I’d like some advice or some help. Im starting to think i need to do more than just watch what I eat. I think I need an actual strict diet. Are there any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      4 words. GO TO THE DOCTOR.
      you might have a problem.

    Unexplained weight gain – any ideas?
    I’ve gained about 5 pounds, despite sticking to 1700-1800 calories a day of really healthy food (good ratio of lean protein, carbohydrates and good fats with at least 9-10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day).

    My measurements are the same as they were before, though, so the weight gain isn’t making me actually look bigger.

    I’ve upped my running recently and am now running about 14 miles a week of cross country running, including hill sprints etc.

    Could the weight gain be muscle? Seems rather too much to be muscle, especially since I don’t do weight training (though I do go for walks with my daughter in a child carrier – a total of 40 pounds carried on my back)

    Should I be worried? The gain seems sudden – over the last month or so. I am definitely not pregnant!

    • ANSWER:
      sounds like muscle gain not fat.
      it’s okay though.

      The main thing is to stay with in a healthy weight range- not be under or over.

    Unexplained weight gain on little intake?
    I’m really, really confused about this..
    I’m 103lbs, 5’5, though was previously 82lbs three months back before hospital admission and practically being forced 2500-3000cals a day. I was let back home at 96lbs, and somehow my weight has slipped up to where it is now in under two months. I’m eating anywhere between 500-900cals a day, and so it doesn’t make any sense for me to have gained so much? I don’t excercise too often(I work during the week, might go for walks 4 times a week with a tiny bit of weight training and yoga) so I doubt it is muscle gain. I’ve also grown 2cm in the past month, though that shouldn’t affect my weight so dramatically?

    Basically, I’m just wishing I had something to explain this. xP It seems impossible to steadily gain 2lbs a week with what I’m eating.

    • ANSWER:
      I am going through something very similar! I am 17 years old, 5’4.5″… I was hospitalized in March at 81 lbs. and practically force fed up to 3500 calories at one point :( They got me up to 98 lbs. and let me go…
      Although I lost a lot of weight when I started not doing my meal plan anymore, I have recently noticed random weight gain. I eat anywhere between 500 and 800 calories a day.
      I think it is because my metabolism is so messed up from going from eating nothing, to eating 3000 calories a day, to eating less, and less. Now it has gotten used to me eating 500-800 calories… any slight changes make me gain weight :(
      I know logically I (and you too!) should go up to 1200 calories a day to regulate my metabolism, but I am scared to! I know this probably won’t help too much, but I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone, and that your metabolism has probably slowed down a lot which is causing the weight gain… Try spreading your meals throughout the day into 3 meals and 2-3 snacks. That’s what I do, and it at least helps to keep my metabolism running all day. :)

    Unexplained weight gain, please help!?
    I have been trying and trying to lose weight, first of all sensibly put now it has gotten to the stage where i am eating less than 500kcal a day and running up and down my stairs 50 times and running a few times a day.
    However, i am STILL putting weight, and im not toning up, im just getting flabbier, old clothes no longer fit me. I’m always cold and always upset.
    It’s got to the stage now where i am cutting myself and throwing up anything i eat because i cannot take any more of this weight gain.
    Please please help me, i think it may be my thyroids, otherwise is it possible my body cannot physically lose weight?
    I am 17 and have a BMI of 23.5.
    I definately never eat more than 500kcal a day – i check rigourously.

    • ANSWER:
      If it is your thyroid then I would suggest consulting a doctor.

      Also, it is very important you get the necessary calories for your age group. You definitely need to have the support of others locally going through a similar situation as yours.

    ok, ill tell you what i ate yesterday
    i was trying to LOSE weight not gain :)

    milk (2%) 1 1/3 cups
    pita bread, whole wheat
    1 TBSP reduced fat margarine
    total: 350 cals
    that was my “brunch”
    snack: whole wheat pita with a small head of lettuce and a potato wedge
    2 chicken thighs, and 1 cup of breast- about 500
    2 1/2 chewy bars (actually they are granola) i wont be eating these today because i just got these elastics wedged into my teeth, making it hard to chew… long story. anyways- 300
    night time snack– now i know i shouldve avoided this, but i was REALLY craving chocolate, for 1 1/2 hours
    a few pickles, and half a pita-150
    so thats like what, 1500 calories,
    i weighed myself the night before, i was at my normal weight, then in the morning wehere i am supposodly down in terms of weight i gained 2 pounds.
    i mean my diet wasnt GREAT, and im wroking on cutting out the chewy bars, and night snack, but other than that i thought i was doing fine. besides i didnt TOUCH chocolates for the ENTIRE day. thats something big for me!!
    why did i gain, and your opinions about my diet???

    • ANSWER:

    Unexplained weight gain! Please Help!?
    Here’s the situation. Lately I’ve been going to the gym and long walks and even using the treadmill at home. I dont eat alot at all – naturally. And suddenly I have jumped poundsss like there is no tomorrow. I gained overall 20 pounds that have seemed to come out of no where. And recently, I weighed myself last night and this morning and noticed I gained 8 pounds!!! Is that normal?! I don’t think so, that’s why I’m going to be getting my thyroid checked. Is there any other possible reason for this sudden weight gain? I even ran on the treadmill last night before sleeping and also I hadn’t eaten anything in the morning either when I weighed myself. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    btw, I’m 20 years old. I am not into sodas, and sweet things and I don’t even buy chips and things like that so that I am not tempted to eat them. I eat mainly veggies and dairy products and occassionally things like pasta. I also already have been told by the doc that I am anemic (not sure how to spell it) since I am low on B12. Hope that helps any. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      that most likely happened because muscle weighs more than fat! :)

    Unexplained weight gain in teenager?
    i am 15 years old. ive gone through puberty and everything, and i just seem to gain alot of weight. i am on three varsity sports through out the year which practice intensely everyday. i have also cut back on alot of junk food compared to my friends. I am 5’8 and nearly weigh a whopping 200lbs.

    i ahve also been very tired rescently, which is why im going in for a thyroid test, but i have gotten them in the past and they showed up negative. i defidently dont seem lazy or a junk food addict, but i am stumped on why im gaining weight instead of loosing??
    - i also recently tried cutting red meat out of my diet to see if that would help, but nothing has happened

    • ANSWER:
      Unlike the other answers, I’m a sixteen year old girl now, and I know that we go through and finish puberty a lot earlier then fifteen. I’m not entirely sure why you weigh as much as you do, but you seem healthy so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just talk to your doctor and get your thyroid done, and maybe test for diabetes, and just eat healthy.

      It can be worse, I had a friend who played volleyball, and softball, and did figure skating throughout the year. She is about 5’6 and weighs 210, yet she isn’t a healthy, most of her weight is fat because she doesn’t eat right and she is always so stressed.

      So, just eat right, talk to your doctor, continue doing your sports throughout the whole year, and make sure you’re not too stressed out, because that can react to your body in different ways and that may be the cause of gaining isn’t losing.

    Unexplained weight gain?! Im getting really scared! Please help me?
    Im getting really scared about my health. I was a healthy 116 pounds about 2 or 3 months ago, and since then, everytime i weighed myself, I would be 1 or 2 pounds heavier. Now, I am 130 pounds. I am certainly not eating as if I would gain weight. I am eating as I always was. I have no clue how I gained these stupid 14 pounds. At first, I didnt seem to care, but it is getting out of hand. Im scared that my kidneys or something arent functioning properly. What do you think??
    Im 14 years old

    • ANSWER:
      When you get older you have to balance excersise with eating.
      Try excersising more..
      But if you’re really concerned call your doctor.

    Advice on unexplained weight gain?
    I am 16 years old and 5’1ft.
    Up until about November/December I was 7 stone, and then suddenly I just began gaining weight until I’m now 8 1/4 stone.
    I haven’t been eating more – I’m very careful with what I eat- and if anything I’ve done more excercise (which isnt a lot, i do an hour of ballet and 1/2hour running a week).and the weight gain feels like fat though Im reaaally muscely.
    I really dont understand, im not pregnant or anything, and it shouldnt be puberty weight gain since I’m 16 and been through that…
    Has this happened to anyone-else? What could be the reason or is there any way to combat it?

    Thanks! I’m getting really frustrated and annoyed with it :(
    thanks for the answers already :)!!
    im not on any medication =S
    could it be that i eat too little and so my metabolisms slowed down? i usually eat like 1000 calories a day…(part of why im so pissed about the weight gain lol)

    • ANSWER:
      Partially it will be the calories, when you go under about 1500 cals you go into starvation mode, your body then burns energy much more efficiently and even the smallest increase in food or decrease in exercise will cause weight gain.

      I’d suggest a couple of things, first eat a bit more and exercise a bit more to compensate (stop you from gaining additional weight until your metabolism readjusts) second, go to the doctor and get checked out, if you recently started using birth control that can cause weight gain or it could be an issue with something like your thyroid as other people have suggested, Also vitamen deficiencies can play apart, make sure your getting enough from your food.

      Thirdly as other people have said muscle weighs considerably more than fat so if your gaining muscle mass that will add to your weight, you could always get your body fat levels checked periodically.

      Finally, you go through puberty and growth until you hit 21 or so, if the weight keeps on piling on rapidly then it could be a problem, but otherwise I wouldnt worry too much.

    Unexplained weight gain bloating and more?
    i have a doctors appointment tomorrow but I’m just curious if anyone has experienced the same symptoms. I’m 20years old and had my daughter at 18 after i had her i had an iud put in. Since then i have had no period. In the last 2months I’ve been getting severe bloating weight gain when my diet and exercise haven’t changed if anything I’m eating less i get nausaus randomly i get pains in my lower abdomen that radiat into my tigh and lower back. I’m tired but can’t sleep. Please help any ideas on what it might be the cause would be wonderful

    • ANSWER:
      Do you think you could be pregnant. Birth control does fail even IUD’s. You should take a pregnancy test to see. Sounds like you are pregnant.

      Or maybe you have an ovarian cyst. I had similar problems when I had a cyst. It was baseball size.

      Good luck and hope you get answers and that it’s nothing serious. Will be thinking about you. Can you please update you question after you see the doctor because I am interested in what they say.

    Please Help! Unexplained weight gain!?
    Hey. Im 16 years old and 5’2. Normally i weigh 54 kg (about 120 pounds) and ive been trying to get down to 50. I have been eating normal and i dont drink sodas and stuff, i just drink water. Ive been eating more fruit lately too and normally i dont do any excersise but I have been trying to get fit and have been dancing about 20 minutes a day. So WHY when i weigh myself lately do I weigh 56kg??? What could have made me gain 2kg?? Please help!! And dont say its muscle weight because i cant have gained it in that short period of time.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds to me like you might be gaining muscle or eating more than you think you are eating

      Cardio is the number 1 fat burner. Slip in a 20-45 minute cardio session each day. That weight will drop like flys if you keep your diet up.

    Unexplained Weight Gain… Beginning to get me down… Any suggestions?
    I’m 18 years old and have always been pretty big built.
    This year i have decided to try and loose a lot of weight not only to look a bit better – but for my health too!

    I have been walking regularly, using smaller portions, Eating lots of veg, taking adios and alli and have been cutting right down on fatty foods and carbs.

    I have put on nearly half a stone! which means i now weigh nearly 16 stone!

    Please help!!!!!!! :)

    • ANSWER:

    can you go to a endocrinologist for unexplained weight gain!!!?
    my doctor cant figure it out so would this be my next move

    • ANSWER:
      Yes… There is the pituitary gland in the skull that controls certain hormones that can make you gain weight no matter how much exercise and how healthy a lifestyle you have. Also the thyroid can do the same thing. The endrocrinologist can test your levels of these hormones to see f they are elevated.
      One of these hormones is cortisol. If you research those glands you can get more info on Web MD and the mayo clinic websites

    Could any of the underlying causes of GOUT also cause unexplained weight gain?
    I am a 22 year old female. My natural weight is 125 pounds. I really didn’t exercise that much and my diet was horrendous, but my weight always remained the same. A couple months ago I decided to start going to the gym (just to tone up) and start eating right (more fruits and veggies, less pasta) My weight was rapidly increasing (I’m 153lbs now!?!? I gained over 25 pounds in just a couple months, I cannot explain this!?) And I cannot figure it out for the life of me why this would be. My diet is almost PERFECT, and I work out regularly. I have noticed my joints (especially my knees, hips, ankles, elbows) have been getting very stiff and sore. Then a couple days ago I woke up with swollen/bruised ankles and knees but did not have an injury. In fact I haven’t been to the gym in almost a week and a half due to a pretty bad cold.

    All my research for swollen/bruised joints lead to Gout. Is there any underlying causes of gout that could have influenced my crazy weight gain as well??

    • ANSWER:

    Unexplained weight gain – PLEASE HELP!?
    I’m 5’4. I used to stay at a steady weight of 108. A week and a half ago I gained 2 pounds. I thought this was just because I was about to have my period and had skipped the last one so my hormones were all out of whack. However, my period just ended and I now put on 2 pounds more this morning, literally jumping from 110 to 112 in a night!

    I eat between 110 and 115 total carbohydrates per day, much less if you are just counting net carbohydrates. My fat content never exceeds 50 grams, typically 40, some days just 30 grams. Caloric intake can be anywhere between 1200 and 1400. I recently (the past 3 months) cut back to three meals a day as my schedule at college made it difficult to keep up having 4 or 5 small meals. This is when the weight loss stopped. At my lowest I weighed 106 pounds but gained 2 pounds after cutting back to 3 meals and have been 108 for months. I was happy there. I’m getting desperate and I don’t know what to do as I’m scared I’ll keep gaining!

    Should I cut more out of my diet and just eat less or is there another way to at least stop gaining and lose the 4 pounds I put on? What is the problem?? I’m getting really depressed over this..

    I do exercise, as well. I walk at least a mile every day and exercise four times a week for at least an hour at a time. If anything I increased the amount of exercise I have been doing lately!

    • ANSWER:
      don’t stress because muscle weighs more than fat – so if you are doing more exercise, you are likely to have built muscle – which will put on weight. but you won’t look fatter, you’ll look more toned.

      because of the fact muscle weighs more than fat (and we women are prone to water retention week before period, etc), weighing yourself isn’t a great way to measure your body shape. what’s a lot more effective is to atke measurements – of your bust, hips, waist and thigh say. this will tell you if you really are getting VISIBLY bigger.

      don’t worry for now – if your clothes fit like they did before then you have nothing to worry about, just try have a super healthy week to balance it out….people won’t notice a two pound gain if you act sensibly on it – wear darker clothes and heels to slim you down :)

    Unexplained weight gain?? :( I’m confused.?
    I’m a 14 year old girl, and I had my growth spurt when I was 12, I also started my period when I was 12. I am still stuck in a 32 AA bra like I have been for several years. I am 5’8. I don’t know why, but I have gained 4 lbs. What is wierd is that my jeans should be fitting tighter but I actually think they are a little looser than before. And when I look in the mirror at my stomach, I am certain I have not gained fat.

    So what could this weight be?

    • ANSWER:
      You are not done growing – you have more than one growth spurt :) You probably got a little taller.

    unexplained weight gain?? best anwser 10 points?
    alright for the past 5 days i have been on a 1200-1500 calories diet. of course i am still on it today. i am eating a balance of everything, you knwo the whole bit. i have also been burning 250 calories a day.

    anyways i just checked with the scale, and it says i gained 3 pounds. its not water weight (because i went to the bathroom before i weighed, or heavy clothes, and its not muscle. normally, in terms of dieting and health, i know my stuff, but honestly, this time im very confused.
    why have i gained 3 pounds. i know its not fat because there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat.

    please give me an explination!!! thank you!!!

    • ANSWER:
      You don’t mention your age or whether or not you are ovulating, two very important factors in weight fluctuations.

      The thing is, it’s not just about calories, but the ability of the body to use the calories, (burning 250 is not the answer either)….your body needs to react to gravity. When the Russian cosmonauts came out of their space journey, they lost muscle and bone mass because the gravity is less up on space.

      So, what you need to do is exercise your muscles in a way that they will react to the calories ‘burned’.

      You need to create (manufacture) HGH by combining protein, amino acids and exercise that defies gravity. (running up stairs is more efficient than running along a track) By building bone and muscle mass, you are preparing your heart and the rest of your body for fitness, not just weight control.

      This is super important if you want to have children one day. Pregnancy is really a metabolic change that a lot of women never get over. They indulge themselves in caloric intake serving their cravings for protein with salty and fatty foods. Their bodies take on the extra fat which they never shed.

      Drink LOTS of water to help metabolize your intake. Your body will love you for it!

    Unexplained weight gain? or simply water retention?
    I have a friend who is a recovering anorexic. She’s about 5’3″ and weighs around 88-90lbs. She eats less than 700 cals a day and exercise 6 days a week. She knows this is horrible and she is seeking help but maybe some of you can shed some light on her situation. Lately she’s been complaining she’s gained weight in the last 7-10 days or so. She stepped on the scale in front of me and it registered a 2 lb increased. She is frustrated because she hasn’t increased her food intake or decreased her exercise. I tried to explain to her that her body is starving and holding onto whatever she has but she doesn’t believe that statement. Any advice so I can put her mind at ease?!

    • ANSWER:
      She needs help!!! It is obvious she is still anorexic. Get her some help before you lose her. I lost a friend that was anorexic. Don’t wait.

    unexplained weight gain! Please help!!!!!!?
    In the summer, I underwent the cabbage soup diet, and I started walking and jogging on a daily basis, and I lost 8 pounds and kept it. When school started, my exercise was less rigorous, and I did not exercise for 1 month because of my knee. My weight was 142, then it went back to 145. I then, for 2 months. I exercised frequently for 2 months, but without any diet; did not abuse junk food , though I had it very occasionally. I kept eating chocolate , especially lately. I found today I am 1 pound more! I am very upset with my body and self,,,So should I starve myself to lose weight? Why I am adding pounds, though I was exerciing daily lately?????? I am very upset.I want to do the soup again, but I am afraid I won’t lose weight.

    • ANSWER:
      it takes a while for it to show…maybe youve gained muscle?
      also another possibility, the key to losing weight is a combination of healthy diet(not necessarily being on a diet) and exercise. (and your 64 oz of water a day…….)
      watch your portion sizes and caloric intake, and just exercise a few times a week, and there should be no need to put yourself on a soup diet.
      Maybe you’re bloated and/or eating too much sodium?

    unexplained weight gain, former anorexic, dont know what to do help.?
    ok, i’m at a healthy weight, though i am in the end stages of recovery for anorexia. My calories lately have been under 2000 even though im on off season soccer. So i should be losing weight right? WRONG. In my mirror i can see my thighs are bigger, im even doing p90x, i dont know what to do nut im soo not comfortable with my body right now. I want to go back to last week i LOVED MY BODY.

    im so confused

    • ANSWER:
      Dear one – First of all, DO NOT use the site below. It’s not legit. Secondly, with anorexia, you can not let your emotional self control your logical self. So saying you “see” your thighs are bigger is bankrupt; anorexics are not reliable self reporters. Use your scale, and solicit your friends for honest eval of what you look like. And p90x is super tough. you’re def burning the calories off. Repeat kind, loving things tot yourself, give yourself a break, and focus on someone else instead of obsessing about yourself all the time. You said you were at a healthy weight, so focus on maintaining, not losing. Best of luck to you, sweetie!

    Breast Hurt and Unexplained weight gain?
    Im 19 years old. recently i have my breast sore, only to touch for about a month now. the past 2 weeks i have been gaining weight, bout a month ago i weighed 113lbs and now i weigh 117lbs. i wiegh myself every morning and i eat twice a day and exercise every other day. my cycle is usually regular and i been having a discharge and a little blood when i wipe. my last period was april 2 and lasted 7 days. i had unprotected sex twice once before my last period and once 2 weeks after my period. im not on any meds or birth control. it dont make since that im gaining weight when i eat a well-balance meal and exercise. plz give ur opinion Thank You

    • ANSWER:
      Well since you had unprotected sex, I suggest taking a pregnancy test, at least twice, or going to the dr and getting it checked, you could very well be pregnant, hope this helps and good luck!!!

    lump in throat, unexplained weight gain.?
    I have a feeling like there is a lump at the base of my throat, the same as if you were to push with your finger just under your adam’s apple. This has been there for a few months now, before it was on and off now it is always there. Also, in the last month I gained weight, but I have been eating healthy and working out 4-6 times per week, both cardio and weights. I went up one pant size in 3 days. I also have to take deep breaths every now and then, but its not my lungs as I can run for 30 minutes non-stop and I am just fine. I got my thyroid checked and it came back negative, so now I’m at a loss. I was wondering if anyone maybe has had this experience before? Maybe it’s anxiety and stress, but I don’t know.

    • ANSWER:
      My first thought was thyroid, but since it negative, it just may be the anxiety and stress your experiencing because of your worry about the lump. I surprised that your doctor didn’t give you more information on the lump it’s self.
      I would suggest you get an second option from another doctor.

    need help ladies, unexplained weight gain?
    im 14 (shy of 15, oct 16 is my birthday:)
    um im 5’3 1/2.
    i used to weight 102.0 lbs and then i shot up to 103.6 and then now its 104. my period is irregular as of this year and last time i got it on the eleventh so im expecting it at the end of this week, but still, is this bloat? i do admit i got to 103.6 from binging on crackers and fruits (probably from pms) i dont know though because this hasn’t ever happened to me before, i dont even feel that bloated. i dont want to go above 105… please help
    i also have this huge pimple and ugh i hope my period just COMES ON THE 11TH

    • ANSWER:
      Weight gain? Poor you worrying about this so much.

      This really is not a significant weight gain. to be honest my weight fluctuates around 2lb depending on what time of day I weigh myself.

      When you are due on the horemones in your body will cause you to retain water and bloat up a little, this can cause 3 or 4lb increases in weight sometimes!

      At just over 100lbs you must be tiny, I bet you look great and you really have nothing to worry about. Try not to weigh yourself every day and if you are due on your period give yourself a bit of a break… you will feel more hungry when you are pre menstrual and yes you may gain a pound or two, but it will come satraight back off again after.

      Be happy with how you look and if what you really want is a square of choccy to cheer you up, go for it!


    does anyone know why i would gain weight after going thru menopause?
    thyroid blood work was normal, as was adrenal,but noduals found in thyroids. am gaining unexplained weight.

    • ANSWER:
      cause your production of hormones is lower, you should have a different diet a healthier one; and make more exercise and if you don´t have any activity you shoudl start by now if you don´t want to have a big gain weight.

      Good luck! ;D

    unexplained weight gain? help!?
    ok so im a 16 year old girl about 5’2″ (157-8 cm)
    and recently i weighed myself to find i was 9 1/2 stone, ive gone down to around 9 stone in the past fortnight or so
    but previously i only weighed like 8 stone
    i dont look any fatter in fact i think my waist has shrunk – to 26 inches
    why do i weigh more?

    also i dont think its really muscle mass cos all i do is some situps and squats

    • ANSWER:
      i’m sure that its just ordinary its natural we all gain a few kg now and then you don’t have to worry about it! just stick to loosing weight routines! but you know if you aren’t well convinced you can just go pass by the hospital or ask a doctor i’m sure its nothing!

    Unexplained weight gain? Left side pain? Headaches?
    In the past 2 months, I have gained close to 20 lbs, I am not too sure why though. We moved to the Midwest from California. That is the only major change in our life and it has not affected my diet terribly bad. Also, my period came 20 days late with 2 negative pregnancy test. Si that is ruled out. I was diagnosed with PCOS but my horomones had leveled out quite a bit when I had a baby back in november. My lower left side has been getting sharp pains really sporadically and other times it just radiates a mild cramping feeling. Frequent headaches have been coming on and I have just not felt that great. My husband just go out of the Marines so we are lacking insurance at the moment so I can’t go to the doctor until we figure out the best private insurance plans for us. (its soooo expensive!) Does anyone know what this could be?

    • ANSWER:

    Unexplained weight gain while dieting?
    I started a diet last Wednesday. On Monday I weighed myself and had lost a little over a lb. and a half. I just weighed myself this morning (Wed) and since Monday, according to the scale, I have gained 2 and 1/2 lbs! How did this happen? I walk VERY BRISKLY every morning for 30 min and have been sticking to my diet very rigidly. Can anybody tell me what’s going on? *** I usually have been eating chocolate of some sort everyday but have not touched it since I started this diet. I eat only Cheerios w/ skim milk for breakfast. 3-4 oz lean protein and vegetable and salad (2 tbsp fat free dressing) for lunch and cottage cheese and fruit for dinner. LOTS of water and 1 cup of V8 juice during the day.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t panic! This is pretty normal. If you’ve eaten differently or drank more water than the first day you weighed yourself, it’s easy for your weight to be a little less or more. Just make sure you’re not weighing yourself more than once a week, otherwise you’ll drive yourself nuts! Choose a specific day and time to weigh yourself each week and it’ll help with this problem.

    Major bloating, abdominal pain, unexplained weight gain and little energy… what is wrong with me?
    Yes, I know, I need to get professional advice rather than coming on here and I am seeing a doctor soon but given how useless my local doctor is I have to wait a while before I get to see her so in the meantime could anyone give me an idea of what they think these may be symptoms of? This has been coming and going for the last couple of months…….. it’s not PMS and I’m too young for the menopause (I’m 20).
    Forgot to add: I’m not pregnant and have already been tested for Coeliac’s Disease.

    • ANSWER:
      i started like this in my twenties and found out it was white bread and biscuits (well wheat) so i stopped eating bread although it had never affected me before, started havin a yogurt and apple for lunch instead of sandwich and noticed difference in a couple of days! maybe if you not pregnant (have u checked?!) then it might be worth a try for a few days

    What’s happening to me? Unexplained weight gain, high blood pressure and heart rate, missed period…?
    I have had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), insulin resistance, and chronic upper back pain that is muscle related for years. Other than those things I’ve been relatively healthy.

    Lately my blood pressure and heart rate have been really high and I’m only 29 years old! My BP has been quite a bit higher than my 60 year old mother who is obese. I was on Celebrex briefly until the blood pressure rise but it hasn’t gotten back to normal and I haven’t been on Celebrex in about a month. Also, my last period was in late February but I’m not pregnant. My cycles have been longer than normal in the past but I have never gone this long without having a period. Does anyone have a CLUE as to what is going on based on my symptoms?

    Please don’t say ask my doctor….I will! However my luck with doctors lately has been terrible.

    • ANSWER:
      The only thing I can say (even if you say not to ask your doctor) is to have an exam by your gynecologist. I don’t think a general practitioner is knowledgeable enough to know all the ins and outs of PCOS. It is better to know the truth, than read guesses submitted by well-wishers on these boards. The truth is I doubt seriously if many of them are certified doctors.

    Any Ideas Why I’ve Had Unexplained Weight Gain?
    Seriously. I’m 47, have not weighed more than 117 since my 20s. I have not changed my eating habits, activity habits, etc., but in the last 6 months or so have suddenly put on about 30 pounds, maybe more. I eat twice a day, small meals, don’t snack, drink water, coffee, or diet soda. I do have Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes which I’ve not had my meds for in a while. Any ideas? I know I need to see a dr., I just don’t have one right now.
    Also, I weighed about 105 when the weight gain started. I drink diet soda and have for the last 20 some yrs… it just scares me to gain so much so fast. I’m not on any cortizone or steroids.

    Thanks Rockstar.
    Menopause was 8 years ago….

    I’m not giving any thumbs down in here. Don’t know who is.

    • ANSWER:
      no, i’ve no idea…………… unless it’s menopause related, or diabetes related.

      BUT i do know why I’ve put on weight……….. it’s cuz i’m stuffing my fat face. LOL. no worries, it won’t last very long. it never does. lol

    Please if any one can help me please answer unexplained massive weight gain – medications ?????
    I have many health issuses ranging from Chronic pain , caused bry a car accident 6 years ago, for which I take Morphine daily – through to being a type 2 Diabetic (due to being morbidly obese) – before the accident I weighed 71 kg, after the accident my weight at my heaviest was 147kg, I had my gallbladder and my Myrena IUD removed and lost 63kg in under 4 months, I’ve since had another Myrena IUD inserted and have gained over 24kg, my sugar levels are really high with readings between 26.4 – 9.3, I have NO appertite, my Dr won’t believe me that I’m NOT OVER EATING ! I’ve even had my husband try to explaine to our Dr that I don’t eat, due to my pain issues I am some what restricted with excerise, but I do walk each day for 45 minutes – which now gives me chest pain, On top of all this I am going through a very early change of life, my blood pressure rises with pain, I’m only 35 years old, if I don’t lose a lot of weight, I’m at risk of 1 in 4 chances of having a stroke or heart attack.

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know if this is right for you or not. I just started with Alli (orlistat). It is a medication with FDA approval for weight loss. You take one 60 mg capsule with each meal. Alli prevents your body from absorbing about a quarter of the fat you eat.

      In addition the Alli starter pack contains guidelines about what diet you should follow while on it. In my case It is ~1400 calories/day and only 15 grams of fat per meal. I also record everything I eat in the nutrition log. If nothing else having a log stating exactly what you are eating should convince the doctor that you are not overeating.

      Talk to your doctor before starting this medication and good luck.

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